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Wethio Project – Built on Africa’s first native Blockchain … but it’s a SCAM


Driven by an innovative and ethical mining protocol, Wethio Project provides access to dApps and crypto assets that offer private and institutional investors from around the world an opportunity to invest equitably and securely in the extraordinary potential of the African continent.

Wethio Project

Unfortunately this is not true. This project is led by a team of people with multiple convictions in France, banned from running a business, who are spreading an ideology of hatred of the country. Under the guise of blockchain they are extracting money from their community who dream of “remigration” to the Magreb.

However, we have enough experience of the project today to say that they are not delivering the services sold:

  • Zynecoin’s Wethio blockchain was supposed to be used to feed the “treasury of African states”, three years later no state is working with them,
  • it was also supposed to feed “African NGOs”, again no trace of the organisations in question (apart from their own “Zynecoin foundation”),
  • the ZYRRI token was supposed to finance a space project and eco-villages, two years later none of this has been delivered and there is no indication that the project will succeed,
  • ZTMs” were to allow African states to distribute ZYNs in ATMs, a project that was abandoned.